Windows Phone. It’s not terrible.

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Get a Windows Phone
Are you sick of drinking the Apple Kool-Aid?  Are you an Xbox LIVE fanboy?  Windows Phone. It’s not terrible.

Seriously though, I had an iPhone 3G for two years or so and, after switching to a Samsung Focus (on launch day, no less), I can’t say I miss it.  Sure, there are a bunch of iPhone games you can’t get yet/at all on WP7 (I’ll never finish Chaos Rings now!) and that feeling of being able to find an app to for just about every task ever is a little diminished, but, hey, that’s ok.  I can do exactly what I want with it, the interface is insanely slick, and, as lame as it sounds, now that I can get Achievables on a phone, I’m actually playing phone games.  And OH YEAH, IT’S NOT AN APPLE PRODUCT.

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