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I currently have read this article on WMP. Brandon Watson indicates a strategy which in my opinion is obsolete and poorly equated by Microsoft. It is true what Watson notes: the true strength of Apple is the ability to make noise even with a fart of Jobs. But, this ability has been gained over the years and after all what we see today might just be an echo of what Apple has been in the last 4 years.

I start with linking to this article “Apple Chair lessons marketing“. (read via Bing Translator from Italian to English). What we noticed from Folblog? Microsoft has only now discovered the power of bloggers – and has to be careful.

Microsoft recently (and Watson confirms this indirectly) invited bloggers with a great audience to Redmond, to show them the future of the software giant. These bloggers are more or less small lights, which even all together cannot ignite a big flame.

If you want to imitate the Apple model of marketing, you have to select some notable people, which are really “experts” (sites and bloggers). These few persons have to unleash a medial earthquake internationally. From this quake all bloggers will be affected and write about the news in their language within one day (and you don´t need to invite 4 bloggers from every country).

Here are some examples: Mashable , Gizmondo , Engadget , Scoble , Guy Kawasaki , Zee , Pirillo , further on Techmeme and many other bloggers and “journalists” with a total amount of roundabout 30 thousand followers.

All these bloggers and sites together are building the PERCEPTION of a product – thanks to the fact that every posted word about the news is translated and scattered within social media like Twitter, Facebook and so on. The more they talk about your product, the more the world knows about the product and your brand becomes a solid name (even if the products are crap).

At least you have to add a good dose of aggressive Marketing. Here are just some practical examples:

· 14 miners remain stuck under the earth for several months. At the exit from this hell, Steve gave to the miners an iPod – and this while ALL the CAMERAS of the WORLD were FIXED on THAT ELEVATOR. In fact this advertising worldwide has cost only 14 iPods to Jobs – not thousands of dollars. Needles to say – this news been also reported by every newspaper in the world.

· Gifts to famous and notable people, like before the pope gets an iPod , more recently he received also an iPad and started using Twitter

· Then all the celebrities that we have take on board with partnerships, gifts and advertisements. Here I do not post names, the list would be too long…

However, you have to notice that Microsoft does not produce its own hardware (except the Xbox). While Apple can create a status symbol easily, Microsoft can´t. You also cannot focus on 4 bloggers like they are able to do.

So what is the competition?

You, Microsoft, have to focus on your OEM partners and keep your retailing well organized!

You, Microsoft, have to push your OEM partners forward to create many terminals for all budgets!

You, Microsoft, have stimulate your partners to offer money/advantages to large retailers (nothing to be scandalized – that´s just marketing)!

It is no secret that companies pay for a really good product placement like positioning in eye-height. Or even the manufacturers of toothpaste, which are encouraging (means paying) dentists to recommend their products – let´s drop this now.

So don´t follow the Apple model. You should follow the Android model (which follows the Windows model as well – but on smartphones and tablets).

You, Microsoft, have to create a new mixture of marketing: combine “oldschool” techniques like product placement etc. (as mentioned above) with the new social components. The result will be the position on TOP.

PS. Someone reminded me of recent articles for Mango facts from Engadget, Gizmondo, Anandtech etc. That´s a good start, but I like you to keep in mind that you need to be a natural stalker with this kind of messages against the consumer. It is not enough just having one great article on their sites. That would be only a flash in the pan.




-@ Dovellonsky

(Grazie ad msicc per la traduzione )

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