Countdown to MIX11: Research, Design, and Bicycling

15 Mar

Innovation is an overused buzzword these days. What does it mean, really? Well, Microsoft Research is in
the business of scientific discovery which often leads to innovations that end up in the hands of computer users (or not in the hands of the computer users as the case may be). One area of scientific focus at Microsoft Research, Computer Vision, has brought us the popular gaming controller device Kinect. Kinect has changed the evolutionary path of human computer interaction. It is in some sense a peripheral device used to control computers, like a mouse or keyboard, but it turns the user into the controller and enables the computer to understand natural user intention. Come learn from the scientists behind Kinect what it means for all of us going forward. There’s much more to this brave new world of human computer interaction than playing games on the Xbox 360. Microsoft Research will also present and demo new prototype development technologies for JavaScript analysis and automatically improving web site performance, plug-in free, of course.


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